Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

purple, Vintage Beaded Sweater Pin Set with Matching Earrings Deep Magenta/Amethyst Hand Made Very Old Retro Antique Black Sequins



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This purpleis purplea purplevintage purplehand purplemade purplebeaded purplesweater purplepin purpleset purplewith purplematching purpleearrings purplein purplea purplegorgeous purpledeep purplemagenta/amethyst purplecolor. purple purpleThis purpleis purplean purpleunusual purplehand-beaded purplevintage purplesweater purplepin\rset purplewith purplematching purpleearrings purpleand purplethe purpleunsigned purplepieces purplelook purplevery purpleold purplefrom purplethe purpleback\rside. purple purpleWe purpleare purpleunsure purpleof purpleits purpleexact purpleage purplebut purpleit purpleis purplevery purpleold purplelooking.\r\rThe purplebead purplework purpleis purplelovely purpleon purplethe purplefront purpleof purpleall purplethe purplepieces. purple purpleMagenta/Amethyst purplecolored purplebeads purpleare purpleset purpleoff purplebrilliantly purpleagainst purplea purpledark purplebackground purpleof purpleblack purplesequins. purple purpleAlthough purplethe purpleback purpleof purplethe purplepieces purpleshow purplesome purpleage purpleand purplerepair, purplethe purplefronts purpleare purplespectacular. purple purpleThe purpleearrings purpleare purplescrew purpleback purplestyle.\r\rThis purpleset purpleis purplequite purplea purpleconversation purplepiece purpledisplayed purpleon purplea purplesweater, purpledress purpleor purplecoat purplewith purplethe purplematching\rearrings!\r\rMeasurements: purple purplelarge purpleflower purple2 purple1/4" purplediameter, purplesmall purpleflower purple1 purple1/2" purplediameter. purple purpleConnecting purplebead purplestrands purpleapprox. purple7", purple purpleearrings purple1" purplediameter

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