Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

handmade, Handcrafted Silver Plated Snoopy Cabouchon Necklace



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Handcrafted snoopySilver snoopyPlated snoopySnoopy snoopyCabouchon snoopyNecklaceCute snoopyand snoopyquirky snoopy20mm snoopysilver snoopyplate snoopywith snoopya snoopyraised snoopycabouchon snoopyof snoopySnoopy. snoopy snoopyNecklace snoopyis snoopya snoopysilver snoopy18" snoopysnake snoopychain snoopywith snoopya snoopylobster snoopyclaspAll snoopymy snoopyjewellery snoopyhas snoopybeen snoopymade snoopywith snoopycare snoopyand snoopyis snoopysent snoopyin snoopya snoopylovely snoopyorganza snoopybag snoopyand snoopya snoopypadded snoopyenvelope.Please snoopysee snoopymy snoopyother snoopyitems snoopyfor snoopyother snoopyhandcrafted snoopyjewellery.

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