Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

hurstjewelry, Snowflake Necklace - Crystal AB Swarovski Crystal Embellished - Sparkling Holiday Necklace - 24 or 30 In - Christmas Jewelry - Gift for Her



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Snowflake long necklacenecklace. long necklace long necklaceSilver long necklaceplated long necklacestarfish long necklacewith long necklacefaux long necklacepearl long necklaceand long necklaceCrystal long necklaceAB long necklaceSwarovski long necklacecrystals. long necklaceThe long necklacependant long necklacemeasures long necklaceapproximately long necklace2 long necklaceinches long necklacein long necklacediameter. long necklace long necklaceThe long necklacechain long necklaceis long necklacesilver long necklaceplated. long necklaceYou long necklacehave long necklacea long necklacechoice long necklaceof long necklace24 long necklaceor long necklace30 long necklaceinch long necklacechain. long necklace long necklaceA long necklacegift long necklacebox long necklaceis long necklaceincluded.A long necklacenice long necklacesparkly long necklacenecklace long necklacefor long necklacethe long necklaceholidays. long necklaceMakes long necklacea long necklacegreat long necklacegift long necklacefor long necklaceher long necklaceas long necklacewell!

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