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custom, Radio Love Collection Sterling Silver Phonetic Radio Alphabet Ring



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This band4mm bandwide bandsterling bandsilver bandring bandfeature bandthe bandword band'love' bandhand-stamped bandin bandthe bandNATO bandphonetic bandalphabet bandonto bandthe bandring's bandouter bandsurface. bandThe bandwords bandread bandLIMA bandOSCAR bandVICTOR bandECHO. bandWhen bandyou bandwant bandto bandbe bandperfectly bandclear bandabout bandyour bandintentions, bandno bandother bandalphabet bandwill banddo! bandIf bandyou're bandnot bandfeeling bandthe bandlove, bandask bandabout bandrings banddeclaring bandyour bandown bandfour-letter bandword bandof bandchoice. bandI bandcan bandalso banddo bandinitials, bandor bandpairs bandof bandthem.Please bandspecify bandwhether bandyou bandwould bandlike banda bandflat bandor bandhalf-round bandband bandwhen bandordering. bandAlso, bandplease bandnote bandif bandyou bandwould bandlike bandthe bandring bandto bandbe bandstamped bandwith bandyour bandown bandcombination bandof bandup bandto bandfour bandletters. bandIf bandyou banddo bandnot bandspecify bandotherwise, bandyour bandring bandwill bandbe bandstamped bandwith bandthe bandwords bandthat bandspell band"love". bandPlease bandchoose bandsize bandand bandfinish bandwhen bandordering. bandIf bandyou bandwould bandprefer banda banddifferent bandwidth, bandplease bandcontact bandme bandfor bandpricing bandbefore bandplacing bandyour bandorder. bandAsk bandabout banda bandcustom bandorder bandin band14 bandor band18 bandkarat bandgold!

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