Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

1980s vintage collar necklaceocean wave, gold tone flex chain modernistocean wave, darkest slate gray with shimmer enamel - almost black



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1980s ocean wavemodernist ocean wavenecklace ocean wavewith ocean wavegold ocean wavetone ocean waveflex ocean wavechain. ocean waveExcellent ocean wavecondition, ocean waveno ocean waveflaws. ocean waveThe ocean wavefocal ocean wavepiece ocean wavehas ocean wavean ocean waveabstract ocean wavescroll/wave ocean wavedesign. ocean waveEnamel ocean wavecolor ocean waveis ocean wavea ocean wavedark ocean wavegray-almost ocean waveblack-with ocean wavemaybe ocean wavea ocean wavefaint ocean wavehint ocean waveof ocean waveblue ocean waveand ocean wavea ocean wavesubtle ocean waveshimmer. ocean waveThe ocean wavefocal ocean wavearea ocean waveis ocean wave3.5" ocean waveacross, ocean wavethe ocean wavenecklace ocean waveis ocean wave17.5".Ships ocean wavein ocean wavea ocean wavegift ocean wavebox.I ocean wavecombine ocean waveshipping ocean waveon ocean wavemultiple ocean

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