Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage brass floral brooch with lavender rhinestonesmid century, floral bouquet sash pin



In stock



Vintage costume jewelrybrass costume jewelryflower costume jewelrybrooch costume jewelrywith costume jewelryprong costume jewelryset costume jewelrylavender costume jewelryglass costume jewelryrhinestones costume jewelryand costume jewelrya costume jewelrypale costume jewelrygreen costume jewelrytint costume jewelryto costume jewelrythe costume jewelryleaves. costume jewelryExcellent costume jewelrycondition, costume jewelrycould costume jewelryuse costume jewelrya costume jewelrycleaning. costume jewelryHas costume jewelrya costume jewelrysplotch costume jewelryof costume jewelrygreen costume jewelrypatina costume jewelryon costume jewelrythe costume jewelryback costume jewelryof costume jewelryone costume jewelryof costume jewelrythe costume jewelrypetals, costume jewelrynot costume jewelryvisible costume jewelrywhen costume jewelryworn. costume jewelryMeasures costume jewelry2.5" costume jewelrytall.Ships costume jewelryin costume jewelrya costume jewelrygift costume jewelrybox.I costume jewelrycombine costume jewelryshipping costume jewelryon costume jewelrymultiple costume

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