Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

60s vintage Sarah Coventry Chain-O-Litessarah coventry, silver chain strand necklace with rhi70nestonessarah coventry, 1969



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Signed layering necklacevintage layering necklaceSarah layering necklaceCoventry layering necklacenecklace layering necklacecalled layering necklace"Chain-O-Lites" layering necklacefrom layering necklace1969. layering necklaceThe layering necklacenecklace layering necklaceis layering necklacea layering necklacedouble layering necklacestrand layering necklaceof layering necklacesilvertone layering necklacechain layering necklaceinterspersed layering necklacewith layering necklacesparking layering necklacerhinestone layering necklaceballs layering necklacemeasuring layering necklace24" layering necklacelong. layering necklacePerfect layering necklacefor layering necklacelayering. layering necklaceAll layering necklacestones layering necklaceare layering necklacepresent. layering necklaceSome layering necklacehave layering necklacedulled layering necklacea layering necklacebit layering necklacebut layering necklaceI layering necklacedid layering necklacenot layering necklacetry layering necklaceto layering necklaceclean layering necklacethe layering necklacenecklace.Ships layering necklacein layering necklacea layering necklacegift layering necklacebox.I layering necklacecombine layering necklaceshipping layering necklaceon layering necklacemultiple layering

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