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succulent, Buttercup Yellow Cactus Trinket Dish



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A trayhandmade trayceramic traytrinket traydish traymade trayfrom traywhite traystoneware trayclay traywith traya traysunny traybuttercup trayyellow traydetail trayon traythe trayrim trayand traylittle trayblack trayand traywhite traycactus traydetail. tray trayDish traymeasures trayapproximately tray3 tray1/2 trayinches trayacross, trayperfect trayas traya traycatch trayall trayfor trayrings, traychange, traypaperclips trayor trayany traysmall trayknick trayknacks.Listing trayis trayfor traythe trayyellow traytrimmed traydish, trayphoto trayof trayred trayedged traydish trayis trayshown trayfor trayscale.

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