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silver triangle, Silver earrings. Capua. Author jewelry.



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CAPUA minimalist earringsEarrings. minimalist earringsMade minimalist earringsof minimalist earrings925 minimalist earringssterling minimalist earringssilver. minimalist earringsGloss minimalist earringsfinish.Approximate minimalist earringsdimensions: minimalist earrings1.5 minimalist earringsx minimalist earrings1.7 minimalist earringscm.Triangular minimalist earringsearrings.Handcrafted minimalist earringswith minimalist earringslost minimalist earringswax minimalist earringscasting.For minimalist earringsany minimalist earringsquestions minimalist earringsdo minimalist earringsnot minimalist earringshesitate minimalist earringsto minimalist earringscontact, minimalist earringsI minimalist earringswill minimalist earringsbe minimalist earringshappy minimalist earringsto minimalist earringsassist minimalist earringsyou.

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