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stitches, Sterling Silver Stitched Heart Pendant



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Sterling stitched heartSilver stitched heartHeart stitched heartPendant stitched heartwith stitched heartcopper stitched heartsewn stitched heartcracks.Measures: stitched heart1 stitched heart1/2" stitched heartX stitched heart1 stitched heart1/2". stitched heart stitched heart stitched heartChains stitched heartare stitched heartavailable stitched heartfor stitched heartan stitched heartadditional stitched heart$30.Orders stitched heartship stitched heartwithin stitched heart7 stitched heartbusiness stitched heartdays.You stitched heartwill stitched heartreceive stitched heartan stitched heartemail stitched heartwith stitched heartyour stitched heartUSPS stitched heartTracking stitched heartor stitched heartCustoms stitched heartnumber stitched heartwhen stitched heartyour stitched heartpackage stitched heartships.

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