Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage glass seed bead necklaceflapper bead, multi strand white & silver



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White multi strandand multi strandsilver multi strandglass multi strandseed multi strandbead multi strandnecklace multi strandwith multi strand10 multi strandstrands. multi strandThe multi strandlong multi strandnecklace multi strandhas multi stranda multi strandspace multi strandwhere multi strand4 multi strandwhite multi strandmilk multi strandglass multi strandbeads multi strandrest. multi strandCan multi strandbe multi strandworn multi strandas multi stranda multi strandlong multi strandnecklace multi strandor multi stranddoubled. multi strandThe multi strandnecklace multi strandis multi strandbeautiful multi strandand multi strandappears multi strandto multi strandbe multi strandflapper multi strandera. multi strandMeasures multi strand42" multi strandlong multi strand(hands multi strand21" multi strandlong). multi strandNo multi strandclasp. multi strandThe multi strandcondition multi strandis multi strandexcellent. multi strandIt multi strandshimmers multi strandbeautifully- multi strandmy multi strandpictures multi stranddon't multi stranddo multi strandit multi strandjustice multi strandat multi strandall!Ships multi strandin multi stranda multi strandgift multi strandbox.I multi strandcombine multi strandshipping multi strandon multi strandmultiple multi stranditems.Vintage multi strandjewelry-https://www./shop/aorta?section_id=14198588

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