Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

leaf, Like Two Peas in a Pod Green Stone and Vintage Leaf Charm Necklace



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This stonesweet stonepea stoneof stonea stonenecklace stonefeatures stonea stonegreen stonestone stoneand stonea stonevintage stoneleaf stonecharm stonesuspended stonefrom stonea stonegold-filled stonechain. stoneThe stonechain stonemeasures stone18", stonebut stoneis stoneavailable stonein stone16" stonelengths stoneupon stonerequest. stonePlease stonenote stonethat stonethere stonemay stonebe stonesome stonecolor stonevariations stoneamong stonethe stonegreen stonestones, stoneso stoneyours stonemay stonediffer stoneslightly stonefrom stonethe stoneimage.

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