Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage monogram initial pin broochgift idea, T or Lgift idea, gold filled Victorian or Edwardian



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Antique gift ideaVictorian gift ideaor gift ideaEdwardian gift idealetter gift ideapin gift ideain gift ideabeautiful gift ideacursive gift ideawith gift ideaetched gift ideafloral gift ideadetails. gift ideaExcellent gift ideacondition, gift ideano gift ideaflaws. gift ideaC gift ideaclasp gift ideaworks gift ideafine- gift ideabar gift ideasits gift ideafirmly gift ideain gift ideait. gift ideaMeasures gift idea1.75" gift ideatall gift ideax gift idea2" gift ideawide. gift ideaNo gift ideamarkings gift ideathat gift ideaI gift ideacould gift ideafind.Ships gift ideain gift ideaa gift ideagift gift ideabox.I gift ideacombine gift ideashipping!

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