Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

pearl, Hammered silver teardrop Necklace- Leather necklace- Tahitian Silver/Grey Pearl- Elegantly Rustic- Boho



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I leatherlike leatherto leathercall leatherthis leatherstyle leatherRustic leatherElegance. leatherMixed leathermessages leatherare leatherbeautiful, leatherto leatherme, leatherin leatherjewelry leatherand leatherart leatherpieces. leatherBeautiful leatherhammered leatherwire leatheris leatherwrapped leatherand leatheraccented leatherwith leatherTahitian leatherSilver/Grey leatherPear. leatherThis leatherpendant leatherhangs leatherfrom leathera leatherRustic leatherbrown leatherleather leathercord leatherthat leathercloses leatherwith leathera leatherlobster leatherclaw leatherand leathercomes leatherwith leathera leather1" leatherextender leatherfor leatherthe leatherperfect leatherfit.Length leatheris leatherbetween leather16"-17"

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