Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Antique Bronze Tear Drop Pendantpink, Wire Wrapped Pendantpink, Boho Jewelrypink,



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Antique antique bronzeBronze antique bronzewire antique bronzehas antique bronzebeen antique bronzehammered antique bronzeinto antique bronzea antique bronzeteardrop antique bronzeshap antique bronzeand antique bronzewire antique bronzewrapped antique bronzewith antique bronzegorgeous antique bronzeglass antique bronzeseed antique bronzebeads. antique bronzeThe antique bronzeseed antique bronzebeads antique bronzeare antique bronzesemi antique bronzeglazed antique bronzeorange antique bronzeand antique bronzesemi antique bronzeglazed antique bronzedenim. antique bronzeThis antique bronzependant antique bronzeis antique bronzehanging antique bronzefrom antique bronzea antique bronzematching antique bronzechain antique bronzein antique bronzeyour antique bronzechoice antique bronzeof antique bronzelength. antique bronze16", antique bronze18" antique bronzeor antique bronze20"Each antique bronzeof antique bronzemy antique bronzenecklaces antique bronzeare antique bronzemade antique bronzewith antique bronzean antique bronzeinch antique bronzeextender antique bronzechain antique bronzeto antique bronzehelp antique bronzeyou antique bronzeachieve antique bronzethe antique bronzeperfect antique bronzefit.

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