Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage 1960s Crown Trifari hinged braceletbrushed silver, brushed silverbrushed silver, notched and textured feather of fringe look



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1960s hinged braceletvintage hinged braceletTrifari hinged braceletbracelet, hinged braceletstamped hinged braceleton hinged braceletthe hinged braceletinside. hinged bracelet(Crown hinged braceletabove hinged braceletthe hinged braceletT hinged braceletwith hinged braceletcopyright hinged braceletc hinged braceletafter.) hinged braceletHinged hinged braceletbracelet hinged braceletin hinged braceletan hinged braceletoval hinged braceletshape hinged braceletwith hinged braceleta hinged bracelettiny hinged bracelethook hinged braceletsafety hinged braceletclasp. hinged braceletBrushed hinged braceletsilver hinged braceletwith hinged braceletshiny hinged braceletlines. hinged braceletHas hinged braceleta hinged braceletfeather hinged braceletor hinged braceletfringe hinged braceletlook, hinged braceletnotched hinged braceleton hinged braceletone hinged braceletside. hinged braceletExcellent hinged braceletcondition. hinged braceletThe hinged braceletonly hinged braceletflaw hinged braceletI hinged braceletcould hinged braceletfind hinged braceletwas hinged braceleta hinged braceletteeny hinged braceletchip hinged braceletto hinged braceletthe hinged braceletplating hinged braceleton hinged braceletthe hinged braceletsafety hinged braceletcatch- hinged braceletsee hinged braceletcloseup. hinged braceletThe hinged braceletbracelet hinged braceletis hinged braceletotherwise hinged braceletpristine hinged braceletwith hinged braceletgreat hinged braceletcolor hinged braceletand hinged braceletso hinged braceletclean hinged braceletyou'd hinged braceletalmost hinged braceletthink hinged braceletit hinged braceletwas hinged braceletnew. hinged braceletBut hinged braceletit's hinged braceletnot! hinged braceletMeasures hinged bracelet1/2" hinged braceletwide, hinged braceletinside hinged braceletis hinged braceletabout hinged bracelet2.25" hinged braceletx hinged bracelet1.75".Ships hinged braceletin hinged braceleta hinged braceletgift hinged

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