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depression era, vintage wood and celluloid flower brooch with felt leaves pin brooch - wired back



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Vintage depression erawood depression erabrooch depression erawith depression eracelluloid depression eraflowers, depression eracirca depression era1930s/40s. depression eraThe depression eraflowers depression erahave depression eralittle depression erafelt depression eraleaves depression eraglued depression eraon depression eraas depression erawell. depression eraOne depression eraflower depression erahas depression eraa depression era3-d depression erayellow depression eracenter depression erabut depression erathe depression eraother depression eradoes depression eranot. depression eraI depression eraam depression erathinking depression erait depression eraprobably depression eraused depression erato,, depression erathough depression erait depression erais depression erafine depression erawithout depression erait. depression eraThe depression eraflowers depression eraseem depression eraglued depression eradown depression erabut depression erathey depression eraare depression eraalso depression erawired, depression eraas depression erashown depression eraon depression erathe depression eraback. depression eraMeasures depression era1.75" depression erawide.Ships depression erain depression eraa depression eragift depression erabox.I depression eracombine depression erashipping depression eraon depression eramultiple depression

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