Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

old ring, Antique Spoon Ring | Sterling Silver | Art Nouveau | Sz 6.5



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This flower ringring flower ringis flower ringso flower ringunique! flower ringSuch flower ringa flower ringgreat flower ringexample flower ringof flower ringearly flower ringArt flower ringNouveau! flower ringFlowers flower ringand flower ringvines flower ringand flower ringsweetness!- flower ringPattern: flower ringEmbossed; flower ringmulti-motif- flower ringc. flower ring1890- flower ringMfg: flower ringR. flower ringWallace flower ring& flower ringSons flower ringMfg flower ringCo- flower ringInside flower ringhandle: flower ring"Florence flower ring1895"- flower ringSz flower ring6.5Thank flower ringyou!

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