Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

moonstone, Half Moon Cay



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These silverfabulous silverearrings silverare silverbursting silverwith silverdelicious silvergemstones! silverFaceted silverTanzanite, silverLabradorite, silvera silverfaceted silverAquamarine silverbriolette, silverfaceted silverMoonstone, silverfaceted silverAmethyst, silverand silverfaceted silverSapphire! silverEach silverstone silverwas silvercarefully silverselected silverby silverthe silverartist silverand silverhand silverwrapped silverwith silversterling silversilver. silverThis silverunique silverdesign silverwraps silverunder silverthe silverearlobe silverbecause silverthe silverchain silveris silverattached silverto silverboth silverthe silverstud silverand silverthe silverearring silverback. silverIt\u2019s silverlike silvera silverCaribbean silverbeach silverparty silveron silveryour silverear!! silverMeasures silver1.5\u201d silverin silverlength.

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