Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

set of 4 vintage brooches - silver leaf pinvintage brooches, 3 circle pinsvintage brooches, Gerrys



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Set broochof brooch4 broochbright broochsilver broochvintage broochbrooch broochpins. broochThe broochlarger broochcircle broochpin broochis broochstamped broochGerrys. broochI broochthink broochthe broochleaf broochis broochtoo, broochbut broochI broochcan't broochquite broochmake broochit broochout. broochAll broochare broochin broochexcellent broochcondition broochwith broochno broochflaws. broochThe broochsmaller broochcircles broochare brooch1.5", broochthe broochleaf broochis brooch1.75", broochthe broochbigger broochcircle broochis brooch1.75". broochYou broochwill broochreceive broochthem broochall.Ships broochin broocha broochgift broochbox.I broochcombine broochshipping broochon broochmultiple

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