Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage Liz Claiborne parrot brooch pincostume jewelry, shiny gold w/green enamel and rhinestone eye



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Vintage bird jewelryLiz bird jewelryClaiborne bird jewelryparrot bird jewelrypin bird jewelrybrooch bird jewelrymade bird jewelryof bird jewelrygold bird jewelrytone bird jewelrymetal bird jewelrywith bird jewelrygreen bird jewelryenamel bird jewelrydetails bird jewelryand bird jewelrya bird jewelryclear bird jewelryrhinestone bird jewelryeye. bird jewelryExcellent bird jewelrycondition, bird jewelryno bird jewelryissues bird jewelryto bird jewelrynote. bird jewelryMeasures bird jewelry2.75" bird jewelrylong. bird jewelryShips bird jewelryin bird jewelrya bird jewelrygift bird jewelrybox.I bird jewelrycombine bird jewelryshipping bird jewelryon bird jewelrymultiple bird

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