Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage choker or collar necklacevintage necklaces, bright yellow gold with mirror shiny finish



In stock



Vintage costume jewelrychoker costume jewelryor costume jewelrycollar costume jewelrynecklace costume jewelryin costume jewelrya costume jewelrybright, costume jewelryshiny costume jewelryyellow costume jewelrygold costume jewelryfinish. costume jewelryExcellent costume jewelrycondition costume jewelrywith costume jewelryno costume jewelryissues. costume jewelryMeasures costume jewelryabout costume jewelry1" costume jewelrywide costume jewelryand costume jewelryfits costume jewelryup costume jewelryto costume jewelry14.25". costume jewelryNot costume jewelrya costume jewelrytypo, costume jewelrythis costume jewelryis costume jewelrya costume jewelrylittle costume jewelryshorter costume jewelrythan costume jewelrythese costume jewelrynecklaces costume jewelryusually costume jewelryrun.Ships costume jewelryin costume jewelrya costume jewelrygift costume

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