Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

wedding, Stacking Solitaire



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18k modernyellow modernrecycled moderngold, modern1.5 modernx modern1 modernmm modernband modernfeaturing moderna modern4 modernmm modern(.33 moderncarat) modernround modernrepurposed modernwhite moderndiamond. modernMade modernto modernorder, modernwith modernany modernsize/type modernstone modernyou modernchoose. modernPlease modernconvo modernif modernyou'd modernlike modernpricing. modernAlso modernavailable modernin modernwhite moderngold, modernplatinum modernand modernpalladium.Petite, modernsimple, modernand modernperfect- modernlooks moderngreat modernstacked modernwith moderna modernsimple modernband.Please modernadd modernyour modernring modernsize modernto modernthe modernnotes modernupon modernorder, modernor moderncontact modernthe modernshop modernif modernyou modernneed modernhelp modernwith modernsizing.Made modernto modernorder, modernplease modernallow modernapproximately modern4 modernweeks modernfor modernproduction.

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