Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

mature listing, hand stamped brass camel necklace - oh sh*t



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A vintage brassvintage vintage brassbrass vintage brasscamel vintage brasshas vintage brassbeen vintage brasshand vintage brassstamped vintage brasswith vintage brassthe vintage brasswords vintage brass"oh vintage brassshit." vintage brassI vintage brassmust vintage brasshave vintage brassbeen vintage brasslistening vintage brassto vintage brassthe vintage brassBuzzcocks vintage brasswhen vintage brassI vintage brassmade vintage brassit. vintage brassThe vintage brasscamel vintage brassis vintage brass1.5" vintage brassx vintage brass1.75". vintage brassAntiqued vintage brassbrass vintage brasscolor vintage brasschain vintage brassis vintage brass20". vintage brassShips vintage brassin vintage brassa vintage brassgift vintage

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