Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage 1930s glass rhinestone brooch on filigree brass with leaves . evil eye inspired designfiligree brass, heavyfiligree brass, possibly Czechfiligree brass, Edwardian revival



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Absolutely edwardian revivalgorgeous edwardian revivalbrooch, edwardian revivalcirca edwardian revival1930s. edwardian revivalIt edwardian revivalfeatures edwardian revivalblue edwardian revivaland edwardian revivalgreen edwardian revivalfaceted edwardian revivalglass edwardian revivalrhinestones edwardian revival(Czech, edwardian revivalI edwardian revivalbelieve) edwardian revivalsurrounded edwardian revivalby edwardian revivaltiny edwardian revivalleaves edwardian revivalon edwardian revivala edwardian revivalfiligree edwardian revivalbrass edwardian revivalsetting. edwardian revivalThe edwardian revivalshape edwardian revivalreminds edwardian revivalme edwardian revivalof edwardian revivalan edwardian revivalevil edwardian revivaleye edwardian revivaldesign. edwardian revivalExcellent edwardian revivalcondition, edwardian revivalno edwardian revivalflaws. edwardian revivalI edwardian revivalhaven't edwardian revivalcleaned edwardian revivalit- edwardian revivalI edwardian revivalprefer edwardian revivalto edwardian revivalleave edwardian revivalthat edwardian revivalup edwardian revivalto edwardian revivalthe edwardian revivalbuyer. edwardian revivalThe edwardian revivalbrooch edwardian revivalis edwardian revivalthick edwardian revivaland edwardian revivalheavy. edwardian revivalMeasures edwardian revival2.5" edwardian revivalwide edwardian revivalx edwardian revival1.75" edwardian revivaltall. edwardian revivalBetter edwardian revivalin edwardian revivalperson- edwardian revivalthe edwardian revivalcolors edwardian revivalare edwardian revivalsaturated edwardian revivallike edwardian revivalcandy!Ships edwardian revivalin edwardian revivala edwardian revivalgift edwardian revivalbox.I edwardian revivalcombine edwardian revivalshipping edwardian revivalon edwardian revivalmultiple edwardian edwardian revivalis edwardian revivalfirm.Q1

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