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sterling ring, Spoon Ring | Sterling Silver | Antique | Sz 7 3/4 | c 1904



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This spoon ringbeautiful spoon ringring spoon ringis spoon ringmade spoon ringfrom spoon ringan spoon ringantique spoon ringsterling spoon ringsilver spoon ringspoon spoon ringI spoon ringrescued spoon ringfrom spoon ringa spoon ringscrap spoon ringbox!The spoon ringdetails:- spoon ringPattern: spoon ringAdolphus, spoon ringdesigned spoon ringby spoon ringHenry spoon ringH spoon ringCurtis- spoon ringc. spoon ring1904- spoon ringManufactured spoon ringby: spoon ringW. spoon ringH. spoon ringGlenny spoon ring& spoon ringCo/H. spoon ringH. spoon ringCurtis spoon ring& spoon ringCo.Sz spoon ring7 spoon ring3/4Thank spoon ringyou!

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