Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

brooches, Kiss Kiss Lipstick Traces Hand Embroidered Pin Brooch Hand Stitched Kisses



In stock



Hand jewelrystitched jewelrylip jewelrystick jewelrytraces jewelrybrooch. jewelryEmbroidered jewelryover jewelrymy jewelryoriginal jewelrydrawing jewelryin jewelrybright jewelrysexy jewelryred jewelrythread jewelryon jewelrycream jewelrycotton jewelryfabric. jewelryMeasuring jewelry1.5 jewelryinches jewelryor jewelryapprox jewelry4 jewelrycm jewelrya jewelrylovely jewelrygift jewelryfor jewelrya jewelrysweetheart jewelryor jewelrya jewelrygift jewelryfor jewelryyour jewelrygood jewelryself. jewelryReady jewelryto jewelryship, jewelryyou jewelrywill jewelryreceive jewelryone jewelrylipstick jewelrytraces jewelrybrooch.

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