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brooch, Vintage Sugar Flowers - Floral Sugared Pin Brooch & Earrings Set



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Vintage clip earringsSugar clip earringsFlowers clip earringsFloral clip earringsSugared clip earringsPin clip earringsBrooch clip earrings& clip earringsEarrings clip earringsSetThis clip earringsset clip earringsis clip earringsso clip earringspretty! clip earrings clip earringsLovely clip earringsSugared clip earringsFlowers clip earringsare clip earringsframed clip earringsin clip earringsBlack clip earringsLucite clip earringsPlasticPin/Brooch clip earringsmeasures clip earringsapprox clip earrings1 clip earrings1/2 clip earringsinches clip earringsn clip earringsdiameterEach clip earringsclip-style clip earringsearring clip earringsmeasure clip earringsnearly clip earrings1 clip earringsinch clip earringsin clip earringsdiameter~In clip earringsLovely clip earringsVintage clip earringsCondition~***For clip earringsmore clip earringsvintage clip earringsitems clip earringsclick clip earringshere: clip earringswww./shop/terrysgotit

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