Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

white bracelet, Mother of Pearl and Crystal Bracelet - MOP Bracelet - Shell Bracelet - White Bracelet - Sterling Silver - Small Size - Chunky Bracelet



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Beautiful mopfaceted mopmother mopof moppearl mopshell moprectangular mopbeads mopwith mopCrystal mopAB mopSwarovski mopcubes. mop mopAll mopmetal mopis mopSterling mopsilver. mop mopMeasures mop6 mop7/8 mopinches moplong. mop mopWill mopresize moptime mopto mop7.5 mopinches moplong mopat mopno mopadditional mopcharge. mop mopGreat mopaddition mopto mopyour mopsummer mopwardrobe. mopA mopwhite mopbracelet mopis mopalways mopa mopstaple!Gift mopbox mopis mopincluded.

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