Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

chic jewelry, Silver pendant ethnic jewelry spring lapis lazuli shantilight



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Gem: modern jewelryLAPIS modern jewelryLAZULISILVER modern jewelryPENDANTNATURAL modern jewelrySTONES92.5 modern jewelrysilver modern jewelrypendant modern jewelryconsisting modern jewelryof modern jewelrya modern jewelrynatural modern jewelrylapis modern jewelrylazuli modern jewelrystone.Ethnic modern jewelryjewelry, modern jewelrysymbolizing modern jewelryspring modern jewelrywith modern jewelryits modern jewelrysmall modern jewelrysilver modern jewelryleaf, modern jewelryconsisting modern jewelryof modern jewelrya modern jewelryrectangular modern jewelryblue modern jewelrystone modern jewelrycalled modern jewelryLapis modern jewelrylazuli.Length: modern jewelry3.5 modern jewelrycm modern jewelrywith modern jewelrythe modern jewelrybeakerWidth: modern jewelry1 modern jewelrycmWeight: modern jewelry6.64gShantilight\u00a0

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