Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

statement, CZ and AD Diamond Choker/ Large Earring/ Silver Plated Choker Set/ Very High Quality Choker Set



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CZ silverand silverAD silverDiamond silverChoker/ silverLarge silverEarring/ silverSilver silverPlated silverChoker silverSet100% silverHandmadePacked silverin silvera silvernice silverbox silverwith silvercotton silverlining, silverBest silverfor silvergifting silverto silverloved silverones..A silverpersonal silvernote silverfor silveryour silverloved silverones silvercan silverbe silveradded.*Since silverthis silveris silver100% silverHandmade silverjewelry. silverSo silverColor, silvershades, silvertexture silverdisplayed silvermay silverslightly silvervary silverfrom silverthe silveractual silverproduct silverdue silverto silverdigital silverimage silverlimitations. silverWe silverrequest silveryou silverto silverconsider silverthese silverminor silvervariations. silverPlease silverexpect silverthe silverpossibility silverof silversome silverslight silverimperfections silverwhen silverbuying silverhand silvermade silverjewelry. silverIf silveryou silverhave silverany silverquestions, silverplease silvermessage silveror silveremail silverus.

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