Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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\u201cFreedom giftof giftchoiceIs giftwhat giftyou giftgot\u201d- giftDevoLittle giftCrown giftBenchmade giftGift giftCards/Cerfiticates* giftare giftavailable giftin gift$10, gift$25, gift$50, giftand gift$100 giftand giftare giftavailable gifteither giftas gifta giftdigital giftPDF giftthat giftcan giftbe giftemailed giftor gifta giftphysical, gifthandwritten giftcard giftthat giftcan giftbe giftmailed giftUSPS giftPriority gift- giftshipping giftincluded!!You gifthave giftthe giftoption giftof giftreceiving giftthe giftgift giftcard giftor gifthaving giftit giftemailed giftor giftshipped giftdirectly giftto giftthe giftrecipient.** giftSee giftinstructions giftbelow gift**For gifteither giftprint giftor giftdigital giftgift giftcard giftoptions, giftplease giftinclude gift"To: gift/ giftFrom:" giftinfo.DIGITAL giftGIFT giftCARD:Please giftinclude giftthe giftemail giftyou giftwould giftlike giftthe giftgift giftcode giftto giftbe giftsent giftto giftin giftthe gift"NOTES" giftat giftcheck giftout giftor giftsend giftme gifta giftconvo. giftI giftwill giftsend giftthe giftcode giftin giftthe giftbody giftof giftthe giftmessage giftalong giftwith gifta giftprettier giftPDF giftversion giftattached.PRINTED giftGIFT giftCARD:Please giftinclude giftthe giftmailing giftaddress giftof giftwhere giftthe giftgift giftcard giftshould giftbe giftsent giftin giftthe gift"NOTES" giftat giftcheck giftout giftor giftsend giftme gifta giftconvo giftafter giftyou giftplace giftthe giftorder.*Each giftunique giftgift giftcode giftis giftcreated giftby giftme giftin giftthe giftspecified, giftpurchased giftamount giftand giftcan giftonly giftbe giftused giftin giftmy giftEtsy giftshop giftby giftvisiting giftIf giftyou giftwould giftprefer gifta giftdifferent giftamount giftthan giftwhat giftI gifthave giftlisted, giftplease giftcontact giftme giftfor gifta giftcustom giftamount.** giftIncludes giftFREE giftUSPS giftPriority giftShipping gift**(A gift$7.75 giftvalue. giftFlat giftRate giftEnvelope. giftDomestic giftorders giftonly.)

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