Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

sterling, Mens Vintage Estate Sterling Silver Kimler & Daniels Cufflinks Tie Clip 20.1g #E3386



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FOR silverSALE silverIS silverTHIS silverMEN'S silverSTERLING silverSILVER silverSET silverOF silverCUFFLINKS silverWITH silverTIE silverCLIP silverTHAT silverWAS silverMADE silverBY silverKIMLER silver& silverDANIELS. silver silverTOGETHER silverTHE silverSET silverWEIGHS silver20.1g. silverTHE silverFACE silverOF silverTHE silverCUFFLINKS silverMEASURES silver3/4" silverLONG silverBY silver silver1/2" silverWIDE. silver silver silverTHE silverTIE silverCLIP silverMEASURES silver1 silver3/4" silverLONG. silver silverANY silverQUESTIONS silverPLEASE silverDO silverNOT silverHESITATE silverTO silverASK. silver silverBE silverSURE silverTO silverCHECK silverOUT silverSOME silverOF silverMY silverOTHER silverGREAT silverITEMS silverUP silverFOR silverSALE. silver silverTHANK silverYOU.

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