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Antique Silver Berber Khamsa Pendant from Moroccopendant, Berber Pendantspendant, Khamsapendant, Moroccan Jewelry



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An moroccoAntique moroccoSilver moroccoBerber moroccokhamsa moroccoor moroccoHands moroccoof moroccoFatima moroccowere moroccoworn moroccoextensively moroccoin moroccoMorocco moroccoas moroccosymbols moroccoof moroccoluck moroccoand moroccoto moroccoward moroccooff moroccothe moroccoevil moroccoeye. moroccoYou moroccocan morocconever moroccohave moroccotoo moroccomany moroccokhamsas!Width morocco: morocco4 moroccocm morocco( morocco1,5 moroccoinches morocco)Length: morocco6,9 moroccocm morocco( morocco2,7 moroccoinches morocco)Weight morocco: morocco14,8 moroccog

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