Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

polymer clay, Funky Necklace No. 8



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"Funky uniqueNecklace uniqueNo. unique8" uniqueis uniquea uniqueone-of-a-kind uniquepiece uniqueof uniquewearable uniqueart, uniquehandcrafted uniquefrom uniquea uniquepalette uniqueof uniquedozens uniqueof uniquecolors uniqueof uniquepolymer uniqueclay, uniqueblended uniqueand uniquelayered uniquefor uniquedimensionality uniqueand uniquecontrast. uniqueEach uniquepiece uniqueis uniquegiven uniquea uniquedistinctive uniquename uniqueand uniquethis uniqueis uniqueone uniqueof uniquemy unique"Funky uniqueNecklace" uniqueseries.The uniquenecklace uniquefeatures uniquea unique2.25" uniquecircle uniquedisk uniquewith uniquecircles uniqueof uniquemulti-coloured uniquepolymer uniqueclay uniquein uniqueyellow uniqueand uniquered. uniqueA uniquesmall uniquemirror uniqueis uniqueat uniquethe uniquecenter. uniqueA uniquetriangular uniquepiece uniqueis uniqueattached uniqueto uniquethe uniquemain uniquepiece uniquewith uniquered uniquesilk uniquecord uniqueand uniquealso uniquefeatures uniquea uniquesmall uniquemirror uniquein uniquethe uniquecenter. uniqueThe uniquenecklace uniqueis uniquefinished uniqueon uniquea uniquered uniquesilk uniquecord uniquewith uniquea uniquetoggle uniqueclasp uniquefor uniqueeasy uniqueon/off. uniqueThe uniqueback uniqueof uniquethe uniquepiece uniqueis uniquefinished uniquewith uniqueblack uniquefelt.Total uniquelength uniqueis unique34", uniqueheight uniqueis unique17" uniqueand uniquewidth uniqueis unique2.25"Enjoy uniquebeing unique"funky" uniquewith uniquethis uniquepiece uniqueof uniquewearable uniqueart!

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