Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

tassel earrings, Victorian Style Tassel Earrings with Pink and White Rhinestone



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Purple victorian styletassel victorian styledrop victorian styledangle victorian styleearrings victorian stylewith victorian stylevintage victorian stylefuchsia victorian stylepink victorian styleand victorian stylewhite victorian stylerhinestone victorian stylebeads, victorian styleVictorian victorian stylestyle victorian styleMaterials: victorian stylepurple victorian styletassel, victorian stylevintage victorian stylerhinestone victorian stylebeads, victorian stylebrass victorian styleear victorian stylewireMeasurement: victorian style3" victorian stylelong victorian style(8 victorian stylecm.)Ready victorian styleto victorian styleship

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