Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gift, Keychain "Coole Patentante"



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Keychain gift"Coole giftPatentante" giftCabochonA giftspecial giftand giftpersonal giftgift giftfor giftthe giftpatentee!!Silver giftkeychain giftwith giftcabochon giftwith giftsaying:"Patententants giftare giftlike giftmums... giftjust giftmuch giftcooler, giftyour gift...."Background giftcolor giftrose giftwith giftsubtle giftwhite giftdotsPlease giftindicate giftthe giftdesired giftchild giftname giftwhen giftpurchasing!Key giftring giftor giftpendant giftdiameter gift30 giftmm gifteach giftwith gifta giftsmall giftsilver-coloured giftheart giftpendantHandmade giftby giftmyself. giftIt giftis giftfashion giftjewellery. giftThe giftsockets giftand giftsmall giftparts giftare giftmade giftof giftmetal giftand giftaccording giftto giftthe giftmanufacturer giftnickel-free. giftNot giftwaterproof!If giftyou giftwould giftlike giftto giftuse giftthis giftmotif giftas gifta giftchain giftor giftbrooch, giftplease giftcheck giftthe giftshop giftor giftwrite giftit giftdown!

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