Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gems, Bracelet Black onyx Brass Turquoise Red 126



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A brassbeautiful brassbracelet brasswith brassballs brassof brassblack brassonyx brassand brassbrass brasselements, brasswith brassturquoiseand brassred brassstone brassfragments. brassRaised brasson brassa brasssturdy, brassblack brasstextile brassribbon,The brassbracelet brasscan brassbe brassopened brasswide brassover brassthe brassknot brassto brasspull brassit brassover brassthe brasswrist.An brassimpressive brasswork brassfrom brassAsia.Weight: brass23 brassg brass\u2022 brassInner brass\u00d8 brass5 brasscm brass\u2022 brass\u00d8 brassof brassbrass brasselements: brass10 brassmm brass\u2022 brass\u00d8 brassof brassOnyx brassBalls: brass8 brassmm brass\u2022 brass126

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