Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

free shipping, FREE Shipping!!! One Of A Kind Crocheted Silver Wire Three Strand Necklace with Black and Red Acrylic Beads and Earring Set



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FREE chunkySHIPPING!!!You're chunkygoing chunkyto chunkylove chunkyour chunkythree-strand chunkycrocheted chunkywire chunkynecklace chunkyand chunkyearring chunkyset! chunky chunkyEach chunkystrand, chunkywhich chunkyholds chunkydifferent chunkybeads chunkyin chunkyred chunkyand chunkyblack, chunkyhas chunkybeen chunkybraided chunkytogether chunkywith chunkythe chunkyothers. chunky chunkyIt chunkyis chunkyfastened chunkywith chunkya chunkytoggle chunkyclasp.***Overall chunkylength chunkyincluding chunkyclasp chunkyis chunky chunkyabout chunky23". chunky chunkyThe chunkyearrings chunkydangle chunkyabout chunky3/4" chunkyfrom chunkywhere chunkythey chunkyare chunkyattached chunkyto chunkythe chunkyear chunkywire. chunky chunkyThere's chunkya chunkywhite chunky"stopper" chunkyincluded chunkywith chunkythe chunkyearrings chunkyso chunkythey chunkystay chunkyon chunkythe chunkyears.***This chunkynecklace chunkyis chunkyconstructed chunkywith chunkyacrylic chunkybeads chunkythat chunkyare chunkybraided chunkyonto chunkysilver-colored chunkyanti-tarnish chunkycopper chunkywires. chunky chunkyA chunkysilver chunkycolored chunkytoggle chunkyclasp chunkyholds chunkyit chunkytogether chunkyaround chunkyyour chunkyneck.***Please chunkystore chunkyyour chunkynecklace chunkyand chunkyearrings chunkyset chunkyseparately chunkyfrom chunkyother chunkyjewelry. chunky chunkyDo chunkykeep chunkyaway chunkyfrom chunkyharsh chunkysoaps chunkyand chunkyavoid chunkyspraying chunkyfragrances chunkyonto chunkythem. chunky chunkyI chunkyfound chunkythat chunkya chunkyzip chunkylock chunkybag chunkyworks chunkyvery chunkywell chunkyfor chunkystoring chunkymy chunkyown chunkycreations chunkyof chunkythis chunkykind.***Your chunkynecklace chunkyand chunkyearring chunkyset chunkywill chunkybe chunkysent chunkyto chunkyyou chunkyvia chunkyUSPS chunkyPriority chunkyMail.Each chunkyjewelry chunkycreation chunkyis chunkymade chunkywith chunkytender chunkyloving chunkycare chunkyin chunkyour chunkysmoke-free, chunkypet-free, chunkyin-home chunkyshop chunkyin chunkySoutheast chunkyWisconsin. chunky chunkyNo chunkytwo chunkyof chunkyour chunkyjewelry chunkycollections chunkyare chunkythe chunkysame, chunkyso chunkyyou chunkywill chunkyget chunkyan chunkyoriginal chunkythat chunkyis chunkyexclusively chunkyyours.Thanks chunkyso chunkymuch chunkyfor chunkyvisiting chunkyour chunkyshop, chunkyand chunkyplease, chunkystop chunkyin chunkyagain chunkysoon!

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