Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

stone, NEW Chain Lina ground labradorite



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Delivery chaintime: chain6 chain- chain9 chaindaysOn chainthe chaindelicate chainlink chainchain chain(45 chaincm) chainin chain**gold-plated chainsterling chainsilver** chainhangs chaina chain**Labradorit** chainwith chaina chainbeautiful chainfaceted chaincut. chainThe chaingold-plated chainframe chainmakes chainthe chainstone chaina chaingreat chaineye-catcher.The chainlabradorite chainis chaina chainnatural chainstone, chainso chaineach chainstone chainis chainnaturally chaina chainlittle chaindifferent.In chainthe chainshop chainyou chainwill chainfind chainmore chainjewels chainmade chainof chainlabradorite.**MATERIAL:**Stone: chainLabradoriteChain: chaingold chainplated chainsterling chainsilver**SIZE:**Stone: chain23 chainx chain8 chainmmChain: chain45 chaincmPursuant chainto chainSection chain19 chainof chainthe chainUStG, chainwe chaindo chainnot chaincharge chainVAT chainand chaintherefore chaindo chainnot chainshow chainit chain(small chainbusiness chainstatus).

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