Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

green, 14ct Moissanite Pendant



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The 16mmmost 16mmamazing 16mmfacets 16mmand 16mmso 16mmbrilliantly 16mmshine 16mmand 16mmsparkly...It 16mmis 16mmtruly 16mmthe 16mmbest!Measures 16mm16mm 16mmand 16mmweights 16mmover 16mm14cts..Eye 16mmclean 16mmand 16mmthe 16mmcolors 16mmare 16mmamazing 16mmtoo...The 16mmcolor 16mmis 16mma 16mmlight 16mmgreen 16mmwith 16mmhints 16mmof 16mmblue.Chain 16mmincludedSet 16mmin 16mma 16mmsturdy 16mmbasket 16mmsterling 16mmsilver 16mmsetting 16mmbut 16mmcan 16mmbe 16mmreset 16mmin 16mm14k 16mmyellow 16mmor 16mmwhite 16mmat 16mmmarket 16mmprice.Layaway 16mmis 16mmavailable 16mmfor 16mmthis 16mmpiece.

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