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wire wrap, Ocean Luggage Zipper Pull Pendant



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Approximately luggage tag2.5" luggage tagby luggage tag2" luggage tagwideThis luggage tagbeautiful luggage tagpendant luggage tagcomes luggage tagin luggage taga luggage tagvariety luggage tagof luggage tagcolors luggage tagand luggage tagtag luggage tagoptions! luggage tag**Please luggage tagsee luggage tagseparate luggage taglistings luggage tagfor luggage tagcolors, luggage tagmessage luggage tagfor luggage tagcustom** luggage tagAll luggage tagluggage luggage tagzipper luggage tagpulls luggage tagare luggage tagfound luggage tagat luggage tagSan luggage tagFransisco luggage tagairport, luggage tagand luggage tagvery luggage tagrarely luggage tagdo luggage tagI luggage tagcome luggage tagacross luggage tagtwo luggage tagalike. luggage tagEach luggage tagpiece luggage tagwill luggage tagbe luggage tagmade luggage tagto luggage tagorder, luggage tagin luggage tagthe luggage tagbead luggage tagcolor luggage tag(see luggage tagseparate luggage taglistings) luggage tagand luggage tagpictured luggage tagwire luggage tagcolor.It luggage tagcan luggage tagbe luggage tagworn luggage tagas luggage taga luggage tagnecklace, luggage taga luggage tagkeychain luggage tagcharm, luggage taga luggage tagzipper luggage tagpull, luggage tagrearview luggage tagmirror luggage tagornament, luggage tagChristmas luggage tagornament, luggage tagthe luggage tagoptions luggage tagare luggage tagendless!**Some luggage tagpulls luggage tagwill luggage tagbe luggage tagscratched, luggage tagbent, luggage tagbroken, luggage tagor luggage tagunreadable. luggage tagI luggage tagthink luggage tagthis luggage tagis luggage tagpart luggage tagof luggage tagthe luggage tagcharm. luggage tagThey luggage tagwill luggage tagbe luggage tagsanitized luggage tagand luggage tagcleaned**

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