Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage, Vintage Green Cabochon Silver Tone Metal Sweater Guard 18 - 292



In stock



Vintage jewelryGreen jewelryCabochon jewelrySilver jewelryTone jewelryMetal jewelrySweater jewelryGuard. jewelryGood jewelrycondition. jewelryMeasures jewelryapp. jewelry8" jewelrylong. jewelryNo jewelrymaker jewelrymarks. jewelryPLEASE jewelryEMAIL jewelryME jewelryANY jewelryQUESTIONS.ALL jewelryMY jewelryJEWELRY jewelryAND jewelryOTHER jewelryITEMS jewelryLOOK jewelryBETTER jewelryIN jewelryPERSON jewelryTHAN jewelryMY jewelryPHOTOGRAPHS jewelrySHOW jewelryTHEM.IF jewelryYOU jewelryTHINK jewelryTHE jewelrySHIPPING jewelryPRICE jewelryIS jewelryTO jewelryHIGH jewelryPLEASE jewelryCONTACT jewelryME jewelryWITH jewelryYOUR jewelryZIPCODE jewelryOR jewelryTHE jewelryNAME jewelryOF jewelryYOUR jewelryCOUNTRY jewelryFOR jewelryAN jewelryEXACT jewelryQUOTE. jewelryIF jewelryYOU jewelryWANT jewelryTO jewelryPURCHASE jewelryYOUR jewelryITEM jewelryRIGHT jewelryAWAY jewelryI jewelryCAN jewelryALWAYS jewelryREIMBURSE jewelryANY jewelryOVER jewelryCHARGED jewelrySHIPPING jewelryBACK jewelryTO jewelryYOUR jewelryPAYPAL jewelryACCOUNT jewelryAFTER jewelryI jewelryMAIL jewelryYOUR jewelryPACKAGE

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