Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Brilliant red bowwhite red bow red bowcrystal red bowChristmas red bowtree red bowearrings red bowwith red bowsparkling red bowred red bowbows. red bowHand red bowpainted red bowand red bowsealed red bowwith red bowresin.. red bow red bowCrystal red bowAurora red bowBorealis red bow red bowand red bowLight red bowSiam red bowSwarovski red bowcrystals red bowaccent. red bow red bowThese red bowhave red bowsterling red bowsilver red bowearwires red bowand red bowmeasure red bow1 red bow3/4 red bowinches red bowlong red bowfrom red bowthe red bowtop red bowof red bowthe red bowearwires.A red bowgift red bowbox red bowis red bowincluded.

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