Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Pine Branches and Cones with Red Bow Brooch Pin by Gerry'ssigned,Signedsigned, Giftssigned, Gifts for Womensigned, Winter Broochsigned, Christmassigned, Holidayssigned, Pine Branches



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This ribbonis ribbona ribbonstunning ribbonHoliday ribbonBrooch ribbonor ribbonPin ribbonby ribbonGerry's. ribbon ribbonIt ribbonconsists ribbonof ribbongreen ribbonenameled ribbonpine ribbonbranches ribbonand ribbongold ribbonpine ribboncones ribbontied ribbonwith ribbona ribbonred ribbonand ribbongold ribbonribbon. ribbonIt ribbonmeasures ribbonapproximately ribbon2 ribboninches ribbonby ribbon1 ribbon1/4 ribboninches. ribbon ribbonIt ribbonis ribbonsigned ribbonon ribbonthe ribbonback ribbonand ribbonis ribbonin ribbonexcellent ribboncondition. ribbon ribbonIt ribbonappears ribbonto ribbonhave ribbonbeen ribbonworn.

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