Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

earrings, SALE! White cylinder studs



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These stylishare stylisha stylishpair stylishof stylishcontemporary stylishbrass stylishcylinder stylishstuds. stylishThe stylishinterior stylishcolor stylishis stylisha stylishWhite stylishenamel. stylish stylishPlease stylishnote stylishthat stylishall stylishpieces stylishare stylishunique. stylishThese stylishcylinder\u2019s stylishare stylishhalf stylishan stylishinch stylishlong stylishand stylishattached stylishto stylishsterling stylishsilver stylishpost. stylishFeel stylishfree stylishto stylishcontact stylishme stylishwith stylishany stylishquestions. stylishThanks stylishfor stylishvisiting!On stylishsale stylishfor stylisha stylishlimited stylishtime! stylish$10 stylishoff stylishnormal stylishprice!

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