Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

shell earrings, Handmade Copper Earwire Earrings with Lampwork Teal Green Shell Beads and Sea Sand Starfish Copper Charms



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Handmade tealEarrings tealmade tealusing tealbeautiful teallampwork tealglass tealshell tealbeads tealfrom tealUK tealArtist tealJoanne tealJoyce tealwith tealmy tealown tealhandstamped tealcopper tealstarfish tealcharms tealstamped tealwith tealthe tealwords teal"sea" tealand teal"sand" tealand tealmy tealown tealhandmade tealearwires.The teallength tealof tealthe tealearrings tealare tealapprox teal4cm tealand tealthey tealcome tealgift tealwrapped.

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