Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

faceted coin, Natural Sodalite coin Shape Beads /5 mm / 8 inches / Sodalite Faceted coin shape



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Natural rose cutSodalite rose cutcoin rose cutShape rose cutBeads rose cutSIZE rose cut:- rose cut5 rose cutmm rose cut(app) rose cutLENGTH rose cut:- rose cut8 rose cutinch rose cut(app)PRICE rose cutPER rose cutSTRINGWeight: rose cut7 rose cutgrams\\I rose cuthave rose cutmade rose cutevery rose cutattempt rose cutto rose cutportray rose cutthe rose cutcolors rose cutof rose cutthe rose cutbeads rose cutas rose cutaccurately rose cutas rose cutpossible. rose cutAll rose cutphotographs rose cutare rose cuttaken rose cutin rose cutminimal rose cutlighting rose cutand rose cuton rose cuta rose cutblack rose cutbackground. rose cutColors rose cutdo rose cutvary rose cuton rose cutwhite rose cutbackground rose cutor rose cutin rose cutsunlight rose cut; rose cutplease rose cutkeep rose cutthis rose cutin rose cutmind rose cutwhen rose cutviewing rose cutthe rose cutbeads, rose cutgemstones rose cutor rose cutsupplies. rose cutAlso rose cutall rose cutpictures rose cuthave rose cutbeen rose cutmagnified rose cutto rose cutshow rose cutdetails. rose cutQuestions/ rose cutComments rose cutare rose cutmost rose cutwelcome.If rose cutyou rose cuthaven\u2019t rose cutseen rose cutexactly rose cutwhat rose cutyou rose cutwant rose cutin rose cutour rose cutshop, rose cutwe rose cutcan rose cuthelp rose cutyou rose cutfind rose cutthe rose cutright rose cutgemstone, rose cutas rose cutwe rose cutcarry rose cuta rose cutlarge rose cutinventory rose cutof rose cutgemstones rose cutof rose cutwhich rose cutonly rose cuta rose cutsmall rose cutsample rose cutis rose cutlisted rose cuthere rose cuton rose cutEtsy. rose cutPlease rose cutinquire

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