Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

necklace, A sterling silver moon with cubic zirconia sparkles option



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A naturestunning naturehandmade naturesolid naturesilver naturemoon natureon naturean nature18 natureinch naturesilver natureball naturechain.Originally naturemade natureas naturea natureone natureoff naturesand naturecasting, naturethis natureirregular natureshaped naturemoon natureis naturea naturebeautiful natureand naturevery natureunique naturepiece. natureChoose naturewith natureor naturewithout naturecubic naturezirconia naturestonesThe natureperfect naturegift naturefor natureanyone naturewho natureyou naturelove nature'to naturethe naturemoon natureand natureback'. natureIt natureis naturea naturebeautiful naturekeepsake natureof naturelove, naturefriendship, natureeverything naturethat naturethe naturelunar naturemoon naturerepresents naturein natureour natureworld.The naturemoon natureis naturehallmarked natureby naturethe natureAssay natureOffice, natureLondon naturewith naturemy naturemakers naturemark.made naturefrom:Sterling naturesilver.dimensions:H4.5 naturex natureW3.5cm natureand natureweighs nature14 naturegrams.

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