Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

hammered, Gold Bar Necklace / Hammered Bar Necklace with Faceted Rondell Stone / Bar and Single Stones Necklace / Moonstone Necklace / HANDMADE



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Lightly modern necklacehammered modern necklacegold modern necklacebar modern necklacenecklace, modern necklaceshimmers modern necklaceand modern necklacereflects modern necklacein modern necklacethe modern necklacelight. modern necklaceEach modern necklacenecklace modern necklaceis modern necklacehandmade modern necklaceand modern necklaceeach modern necklacebar modern necklaceis modern necklaceuniquely modern necklacehammered modern necklaceinto modern necklaceshape. modern necklace modern necklaceA modern necklacesingle modern necklacefaceted modern necklacerondelle modern necklacestone modern necklaceis modern necklaceplaced modern necklaceon modern necklaceeither modern necklaceside modern necklaceof modern necklacethe modern necklacebar. modern necklaceThe modern necklacenecklace modern necklaceis modern necklaceavailable modern necklacewith modern necklacemany modern necklacestone modern necklaceoptions.Necklace modern necklaceLength:16" modern necklace(0.4064 modern necklacemeters) modern necklace modern necklace3" modern necklace(0.0762 modern necklacemeters) modern necklaceextension modern necklacechainIf modern necklaceyou modern necklaceprefer modern necklaceanother modern necklacelength, modern necklaceplease modern necklacenote modern necklacethe modern necklacelength modern necklaceyou modern necklacewould modern necklacelike.Stones modern necklaceshown modern necklacein modern necklacepicture: modern necklaceMoonstoneHANDMADE modern necklaceSARAH modern necklaceHEALY modern necklaceSTUDIO

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